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Can I Determine My Potential Functional Threshold Power?

By Coach John Hughes  I am 59 years old and I been cycling for 12 years. Each winter of the last 10 years I have been looking for a training plan to improve. My FTP hovers around 225 watts after winter training and reaches around 240 watts by the end of the outdoor cycling season in Southern Ontario. I am curious if there is a physical test one can do to determine one's potential FTP?

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'I Am Not Going to Ever Ride Again if it's Raining'

By John Marsh  Pro bike racers retire all the time, and many are never heard from again unless they decide to make a second career in the industry (say, running a race team like Jonathan Vaughters, founding an apparel company like George Hincapie). When given the chance to recount their careers on the way out, most offer the typical platitudes about their career highlights, and such. And they often don't have a really firm idea of what they'll do next.

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Smith Attack Sunglasses

By Sheri Rosenbaum  Smith’s Attack sunglasses with new MAG technology rate high on performance and comfort. The light weight, wraparound lens provides the coverage contact wearers need and I never had an issue with debris. The new MAG technology uses magnets for an easy and quick lens change. Also the new lower brow lens design allows for more air circulation so I didn’t feel as hot. And when sweat or rain got on the lens, the hydroleophobic coating repelled it, eliminating water spots or streaking. The price tag is on the higher end of the spectrum, but the quality optics and performance are well worth it.

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Treat Your LBS Mechanics Well For Great, Timely Service

Editor's Note: We continue our recent series of QTs from the RBR Crew this this week's submission from Coach John Hughes. If you depend on your LBS to keep your bike in shape and make all the major repairs, it's time-honored advice. Here's what John writes: I just got back from Icebox Mountain Sports up here in Fraser, Colorado. They do all the work on my bikes in the summer and XC skis in the winter. I went in last week and asked for stronger legs. Deb, the owner, didn't have those but she ordered me a cassette with easier gears.

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Tips For Keeping Your Maximum Heart Rate Up as You Age

By Gabe Mirkin, M.D.  Your maximum heart rate is the fastest your heart can beat and still pump blood effectively through your body. As you age, your maximum heart rate drops. This means that your heart is weaker and more susceptible to damage, and you can't exercise as fast over distance as you could when you were younger. How fast you can run, cycle, ski or swim over distance is limited by the time that it takes to move oxygen into your muscles. Your heart pumps oxygen-rich blood to your muscles, so the faster your heart can beat, the more blood it can pump to your muscles and the faster you can move.

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Should I Intervene - Or Not?

By John Yoder  A non-cycling event recently reminded me of the multiple times I've been tempted to give advice to cyclists on the proper way to ride when I see someone using the wrong technique or behaving in dangerous ways. To intervene, or not to intervene? That is the question. Here are some examples of bad cycling technique and behavior I see on a regular basis that makes me think about intervening, followed by the advice I could offer, if I did:

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