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Coach Fred Matheny

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Basic Training for Roadies
By Coach Fred Matheny Now under one cover! For fast recreational riders or racers, all the essential information you need to train better than ever -- or even begin your first program. Coach Fred Matheny's book delivers time-honored advice as well as the most-current techniques as of its writing, and he does it in his friendly, understandable style with plenty of examples. All the tips and pro..
Climbing for Roadies
By Coach Fred Matheny This book recognizes that few cyclists are "born to climb" in terms of genetic endowment, but every cyclist can reach his or her potential. What's required is understanding the principles, skills and tactics for strong and efficient climbing and then putting them into action, which means doing the work that's necessary. There are no shortcuts, but Coach Fred Matheny explai..
Coach Fred's Solutions to 150 Road Cycling Challenges
By Coach Fred Matheny "It's pretty simple to ride a bike," says author Fred Matheny. "But it's not simple to ride a bike well." That's the premise for this expert eBook that explores 150 challenges faced by road cyclists. Coach Fred's Solutions to 150 Road Cycling Challenges contains practical "how to" advice for new riders and grizzled veterans alike. Matheny delivers his expertise in the styl..
Equations for Cyclists
How to Calculate Intensity, Wattage and More – Without a Power Meter By Coach Fred Matheny For those of us who don’t want to take a 2nd mortgage to buy a power meter, Coach Fred Matheny tells us ways to determine cycling intensity and performance potential that don’t require gadgets. All it takes is applying some simple equations and simpler math. Coach Fred has personally tested all the formu..
Fred Matheny's Complete Book of Road Bike Training
By Coach Fred Matheny Fred Matheny's Complete Book of Road Bike Training is the collection and reshaping of Coach Fred's four acclaimed eBooks: Basic Training for Roadies Off-Season Training for Roadies Spring Training for Roadies Supercharge Your Training "This will become one of those books that defines the sport. Fred Matheny combines the best time-honored training strategies with the n..
Marginal Gains for Overall Performance Improvement
How to Identify Dozens of Micro Improvements in Your Cycling By Coach Fred Matheny In Marginal Gains, Coach Fred Matheny lays out the concept that was the underpinning of Team Sky’s approach to reaching its lofty goal of putting a British rider in the Tour De France’s yellow jersey in 5 years. (Of course, they did it twice – in half that time.) “How did Team Sky do it?” Coach Fred asks in his..
Off-Season Training for Roadies
By Coach Fred Matheny Whether you ride for fitness, fast recreation or competition, Off-Season Training for Roadies explains how to use winter to come out flying in the spring. This eBook is full of tips, examples, schedules, and cautions against common mistakes. You'll find key weight training exercises that build overall strength. Then you'll learn how to convert that strength into more cycli..
Peaking for a Century
A 4-Week Plan for Top Performance By Coach Fred Matheny This practical, doable program describes exactly how to use the month before a century to be loaded for bear when the big day arrives. The idea is to sharpen speed and polish power as you retain endurance and arrive at event day with fresh legs and confidence. Also includes 10 century riding tactics and a special 2-week peaking plan for s..
Power to the Pedals
By Coach Fred Matheny On the road or the indoor trainer, you can significantly boost your cycling power with just 2 one-hour workouts per week. This 12-week program is useful any time of year and is ideal for off-season strength development. 16 pages with a printable workout schedule. Does not require a power meter or heart monitor. Note: this is an eArticle. Your purchase will be stored as ..
Spring Training for Roadies
By Coach Fred Matheny Coach Fred Matheny's third "how to" book coaches you through the crucial eight weeks between the off-season and summer. His day-by-day workout schedules come after chapters that explain a variety of effective training techniques. Plus, Fred gives his expert advice on key topics such as nutrition, weight loss, equipment, clothing, injury prevention, avoiding overtraining an..
Supercharge Your Training
By Coach Fred Matheny Fred Matheny's fourth "how to" book coaches you to top performance during the summer season, especially when you want something extra for a special event. Perhaps you'd like to sharpen your form for a hilly tour or the high-mileage demands of a cross-state ride. Maybe a century PR is your goal, or getting onto the podium in your district road or time trial championship. Fr..
Swift Endurance: How to Go the Distance Faster
How to Go the Distance Faster By Coach Fred Matheny Here's new thinking on how to achieve a higher average speed on long rides, such as centuries. This training approach emphasizes speed as well as endurance with practical, doable techniques, along with sample long-ride workouts, that will raise your cruising pace and make long rides more fun. Note: this is an eArticle. Your purchase will b..

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