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101 Cycling Workouts
By Coach David Ertl, Ph.D. Bored with training? Stuck in a rut? Coach David Ertl has poured 20 years of cycling experience into this eBook to give you 101 ways to ride, crosstrain and weight train to stay motivated and keep improving. "There is no reason to be bored or reach a plateau in your training if you use even half of these workouts," promises Ertl, a USA Cycling Level 1 coach. His 101 w...
ACE Training for Cyclists, 9th Ed.
By Coach Arnie Baker, M.D. This book is about Altitude/Climbing/Endurance training. Arnie Baker, M.D. emphasizes preparation for hilly centuries and events beyond 100 miles with more than 10,000 feet of climbing. In addition to general training and knowledge, ACE riders need to be specialists in climbing, descending and endurance. Motivation, focus, breathing techniques and pacing are espe...
Basic Training for Roadies
By Coach Fred Matheny Now under one cover! For fast recreational riders or racers, all the essential information you need to train better than ever -- or even begin your first program. Coach Fred Matheny's book delivers time-honored advice as well as the most-current techniques as of its writing, and he does it in his friendly, understandable style with plenty of examples. All the tips and pro...
Fred Matheny's Complete Book of Road Bike Training
By Coach Fred Matheny Fred Matheny's Complete Book of Road Bike Training is the collection and reshaping of Coach Fred's four acclaimed eBooks: Basic Training for Roadies Off-Season Training for Roadies Spring Training for Roadies Supercharge Your Training "This will become one of those books that defines the sport. Fred Matheny combines the best time-honored training strategies with the n...
High-Intensity Training for Cyclists, 15th Ed.
By Coach Arnie Baker, M.D. According to author Arnie Baker, M.D., fitness results from genetic, serendipitous and planned events. In other words, you’re given it, you’re lucky or you work for it! This 242-page book is about working for it. High-Intensity Training for Cyclists reveals how and what you can do to get fitter than ever, particularly for competitive events. It is broken down into d...
Indoor Training for Cyclists
By Coach David Ertl, Ph.D.   When bad weather, darkness, life's commitments or other roadblocks make riding outside risky or impossible, using your indoor trainer (or rollers or stationary bike) is the best option -- if you know how to do productive workouts. In this eBook Coach David Ertl explains the pros and cons of indoor cycling equipment and methods along with how to set up an ...
Keep it Real - In Your Indoor Cycling Classes, 2nd Ed.
By Jennifer Sage This book is devoted to showing roadies how they can use indoor cycling classes such as Spinning® to improve outdoor riding performance. Author Jennifer Sage contends that classes in winter can help you enter spring with more endurance and hill-climbing strength than riding at home alone on a trainer. However, organized indoor classes can also be a disaster, wasting your time, ...
Off-Season Training for Roadies
By Coach Fred Matheny Whether you ride for fitness, fast recreation or competition, Off-Season Training for Roadies explains how to use winter to come out flying in the spring. This eBook is full of tips, examples, schedules, and cautions against common mistakes. You'll find key weight training exercises that build overall strength. Then you'll learn how to convert that strength into more cycli...
Spring Training for Roadies
By Coach Fred Matheny Coach Fred Matheny's third "how to" book coaches you through the crucial eight weeks between the off-season and summer. His day-by-day workout schedules come after chapters that explain a variety of effective training techniques. Plus, Fred gives his expert advice on key topics such as nutrition, weight loss, equipment, clothing, injury prevention, avoiding overtraining an...
Strength Training for Cyclists MANUAL
By Coach Harvey Newton Harvey Newton, a veteran roadie and former coach of the U.S. Olympic Weightlifting Team, is unequaled in his understanding of how cyclists benefit from training with weights. The 132-page manual -- available for the first time as an eBook -- retains its original content dealing with cycling research, preliminary steps prior to starting weight training, a thorough explanatio...
Stretching and Core Strengthening for the Cyclist
By Rick Schultz & Amy Schultz We don't all necessarily want to be faster on the bike. But every last one of us roadies would like to maintain the strength we have, or get even stronger, in our core. And we undoubtedly all would like to be pain-free when we ride. A regular stretching and core strengthening routine can help you achieve any or all of those 3 aims. But there are a dizzying arr...
Supercharge Your Training
By Coach Fred Matheny Fred Matheny's fourth "how to" book coaches you to top performance during the summer season, especially when you want something extra for a special event. Perhaps you'd like to sharpen your form for a hilly tour or the high-mileage demands of a cross-state ride. Maybe a century PR is your goal, or getting onto the podium in your district road or time trial championship. Fr...

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